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Welcome to the 2010 homepage of the Happen'n.

   After much consideration and evaluation, the 13th Happen'n is postponed for 2010.

   We have made this decision in view of current economic challenges that have impacted all of us.  We will use this time to envision and build a sustainable future for the 13th Happen'n.

   Please visit this website periodically for updates.

   If you want to join the Drum Central email list, CLICK HERE.  We will keep you posted regarding plans for our next event and additional drumming events.

   The Happen'n has grown to become a strong community of exceptional women teachers and inspired students of world drumming and percussion music over the past 12 years.

   Thank you for years of support and being part of this great Happen'n women's drumming community!

   In the rhythm,

   Leaf Miller, Fre Atlast, Ubaka Hill

wooden tamborine with goat skin, Kalimba, drumsticks, djembe, dumbeck, maracas, double shaker, afuche – cabasa, and shaman drum

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